Scorpio DeFi
Last chance for a good Harvest on Binance Smart Chain!


Scorpio DeFi is latest Generation Yield Farm on Binance Smart Chain with lots of unique and creative features.
We fully support CAKE-LP v2 staking.

Main Features

Transfer Tax

  • Use 5%+ slippage to buy SCORPIO on PancakeSwap V2 or other AMM.
The transaction will fail if the slippage is less than 7.5%

Automatic Liquidity

Each transfer of SCORPIO must pay a 5% transfer tax. The 1% transfer tax gets added to the liquidity pool through the contract automatically to raise the price floor continuously. And the liquidity will be locked and inaccessible.​

Automated Burning

As we have mentioned above, each transfer of SCORPIO must pay a 5% transfer tax. The 1% transfer tax will be allocated to automatic liquidity acquisition. And the rest 1% transfer tax will be burned immediately. The whole process is automatic.​

Harvest Lockup

Harvest lockup is a unique rewards lockup mechanism used to limit the frequency of harvest. It is designed to prevent farming arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and dumping.​

Anti Whale

Transfer more than 0.5% of the total supply will be rejected. As the total supply grows, this ratio will be reduced.​

Referral Program

An on-chain referral program has been implemented to incentivize users to invite friends to join the farming. Inviters can earn 5% of his/her friends' earnings forever.​

No Migrator Code

The migrator code in the MasterChef contract has been removed.​

Timelock 24 hour

Timelock has been added at launch
Last modified 9mo ago